What We Do

The Salmon Innovation Fund is an early stage impact investment fund.

Our partners are the hundreds of organizations working to protect or rebuild wild Pacific salmon and steelhead populations. We receive lists of problems and challenges from our partners, find early stage technologies that solve these challenges or problems, and invest in these early stage companies on the condition that they make their technology available to our partners. We expect our technology investments to ultimately exit outside of the fisheries industry, allowing for competitive returns to investors.

By pursuing things in this way:

  • Our partners get access to technology that greatly accelerates their existing efforts or makes possible new ways to pursue their mission;
  • Our technology investments get the chance to pilot their technology in a meaningful setting, and apply it to impactful environmental efforts;
  • Our LP’s get the opportunity to earn competitive early stage returns from an impact-based fund.

Why We Do It

Wild Pacific Salmon and Steelhead are the iconic species of the North American Pacific Rim (California to Alaska.) However, stocks have been reduced to a fraction of their historical levels, and in some cases, been completely wiped out. (See Resources)

This decline has materially impacted economies, communities, wilderness areas, food chains, water quality, soils, and culture across the North American Pacific Rim. Perhaps most importantly, allowing this decline to continue would strip us of a species that in many ways defines who we are as residents of this unique part of the world.

The Salmon Innovation Fund was created to provide the hundreds of organizations working to save these species with access to cutting edge technologies that could make their efforts easier, cheaper, broader and more effective.

Our goal is simple…by arming these organizations with the best tools possible, we aim to increase populations where they are threatened (mostly lower 48) and increase resilience among those populations that so far have avoided large declines (mostly Canada and Alaska.)

Impact Measures

As an impact fund, we are looking for solutions that address specific impact measurements deeply relevant to Wild Salmon and Steelhead populations.

Increase Population

Number of Fish
Average Size of Fish
Community Fisheries

Restore Habitat

Acres Restored
Miles of Passable Water
Water Quality

Catalyze Investment And Innovation

Adoption of Innovations
New Investors in Conservation
Total Dollars Invested In Salmon/Steelhead Conservation

For Conservation Partners

The Salmon Innovation Fund tries to help our conservation and management partners solve problems.

Our partners provide us with a running “wish list” of problems they believe new technology can solve.

No financial commitment required to give us your wish list.  This is a free service to our partners.

Our partners are not required to accept any technology we introduce them to.

Our partners have foundations, grants or other support they can access to fund pilots.

If the pilot succeeds, we both invest in the new technology company, as well as work to secure long term access to the technology on your behalf.

To add an idea to our wish list, please fill out the information below.  We will get back to you to confirm receipt and ask any follow up or clarification questions.

For Entrepreneurs

The Salmon Innovation Fund is looking for early stage technology companies whose innovations might help our conservation and management partners solve their problems.

Our goal is to connect early stage companies with our partners via a paid pilot.  This both allows you to test your technology with a highly engaged partner, as well as obtain non-dilutive funding.

If there is a successful pilot, and our due diligence suggests the technology has applications outside of the fisheries community, SSIF may invest up to $500,000 into your company, either in a current round, a future round, or as a convertible note.

To make us aware of your technology and your company, please fill out the fields below, or simply send us a one page Executive Summary of your company.


Brock Mansfield, Managing Partner

Brock Mansfield has more than 20 years of experience in early stage and growth equity investing. During that time, companies he has been involved with have generated nearly $700M in liquidity for shareholders. Since 2007, he has been an advisor to Keeler Investments Group (KIG), where he is responsible for KIG’s early stage and private equity portfolio. Recent exits include PitchBook (sold to Morningstar), Eden Rock (sold to Nokia), Torrent Technologies (sold to Marsh), Cleanscapes (sold to Recology), Full Circle Farms (sold to Capay) and Virticus (sold to LSI).  Currently active investments include M87, Samepage Health, Axon, Integris, CSATS, Modumetal, and Imprev. Prior to joining KIG, Brock was CEO of Colvos Industries after starting his career at Endeavour Capital.

“As a lifelong Pacific Northwest resident, I have a deep respect and appreciation for our wilderness, rivers, and oceans…and the salmon and steelhead species that call them home.

Given their role as an indicator species for the health of wilderness and water, a sustainable source of protein for a rapidly expanding population, and a key part of the economy, culture and regional identity of this unique geographical area, wild salmon and steelhead are an iconic species I believe are worth fighting to protect.

Having observed first hand the challenges faced by the many organizations selflessly dedicated to this task, I recently decided to use my 20+ years of experience in early stage and private equity investing to help. Specifically, I spend hundreds of hours each year meeting with conservation, science, government, tribal and industry organizations so I can understand the problems they face. I then identify and connect them to early stage technologies that can solve these problems, creating more and better outcomes using fewer resources.

If you are an individual or organization who can bring your resources, talents or technology to bear in this effort, reach out to us and let us know how we can help get you plugged in.

And if you are currently a early stage or private equity fund manager with a desire to help a cause using your background and experience, I am happy to share the details of my fund with you, in the hope that early stage investors around the world will see how early stage investing can be put to work doing good.”

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