The Ocean Cluster ( concept was first created in Iceland to bring together fisheries industry leaders and startups around the idea of 100% Use. They now are working to expand the concept to Seattle and the North American Pacific Rim fisheries ecosystem, but need to identify regional innovators that are aligned with the 100% use goal.


Tidal Vision is a Juneau-based company dedicated to 100% use of fish. They have developed a cold tanning process that allows salmon skins to be turned into salmon leather, suitable for any textile application that previously used animal leather (clothing, shoes, etc.)


We are talking with Tidal Vision about being a tenant in the Seattle Ocean Cluster, and working with North American Pacific Rim fisheries companies to harvest and transform salmon skins into salmon leather.

Expected Impact

Salmon skins, a previously discarded product, will be harvested and “up valued,” creating more value in the fish and driving economic growth in Juneau (or other future locations of Tidal Vision facilities.) The Seattle Ocean Cluster gets a premium tenant that can add value to all SOC partners.

Expected Investment Return

Tidal Vision is a textile company. Textile companies that can achieve scale are typically in high demand as acquisitions by existing larger textile companies.